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St. Luke’s School was founded in Culpeper, Virginia in August 1979, as St. Luke’s Lutheran School, by St. Luke’s Lutheran Church as a coeducational day school promoting a superior college preparatory education in a Christian environment. The School operates under a 501(c)3 status as a non-profit institution of learning and is governed by a board of trustees. In 1996, St. Luke’s was accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, an association recognized and approved by the Virginia Board of Education.

The school originally offered facilities for three year olds through sixth graders with a before and after school program for enrolled students. The original enrollment was 167 students. In 1991, the adjoining Clore property was donated to the church and three playing fields were completed for the use of the school, church, and community. In 1992, four additional classrooms were added to the existing building.

In 1994, the school began a major construction project of a facility to house an intermediate school and gym. In phase one of the project, the gymnasium, computer lab, library, science lab, art room, music room, and three classrooms were completed allowing seventh grade to begin in the fall of 1994. In phase two of the project the remaining three classrooms were completed. Eighth grade began in the fall of 1995 and the decision was made to offer a ninth grade program beginning in 1996.

In 1998, a wing was added to the intermediate school to accommodate the fifth and sixth grades. It was determined that arranging these grades in a specific area allowed for a more comfortable transition to middle school.

In 2001, technology was integrated into the classroom and curriculum with the addition of wireless laptop computers and an upgraded computer lab. Technology, therefore, became a vital tool of instructional integration, research, and communication. 


With the development of the new facility, the school was able to offer more comprehensive programs in physical education, art, music, foreign language, computer, and science. We continued to expand the library to better support the educational programs. To assist in financial planning, the Board of Trustees created St. Luke’s Foundation which still raises funds for enhancement of the educational opportunities within the Culpeper community. 


In the summer of 2010, the school became fully independent, no longer a mission of the Church. As part of this seperation the Intermediate Division building became the property of the school, along with 18 acres of land. At this time as well, the school consolidated all its operations into this building. 


In June 2014 St. Luke's School & campus was purchased by the Arlington Diocese an continues the legacy of educating students in the greater Culpeper community.



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